• Sofia Sulikowski

The Power of a Good Slide Deck

It's called PowerPoint for a reason.

A well thought-out slide deck is a complement to oral presentations. The "magic wand tool" of speeches. If it’s good enough, all the effort I put into it will go unnoticed (sad, but job well done). Otherwise, uneven margins, giant paragraphs, awkward font changes, and cluttered images and colors will only distract the audience. 

As an example, here is a selection of slides from my team’s Marketing Intelligence final presentation that I transformed.



The final product could have been further improved, but it serves as an illustrative example.

This presentation was for a semester-long research project about Haagen Dazs involving a focus group, a survey, data analysis, and managerial recommendations—some of the hardest stuff to simplify because I want to show all my paired t-tests and consumer quotes and hard work. But when presenting data, clarity is of utmost importance. People need time to process a graph or a series of key numbers, so I try to give them the visual space to do so. Haagen Dazs' brand colors challenged my usual minimalist style, but case presentations are great opportunities to step beyond my personal aesthetic.

Finally, I’ll wrap up by saying that making a good slide deck is deceivingly time consuming. It takes hours to figure out what to subtract to further simplify the visuals. Yet, I always find it rewarding to observe its silent, unnoticed power in the background.

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