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Thanks Georgetown; On To 2021

And we’re off (kind of)

Before I post a 2020-year-in-review like every blogger out there, I'll skip ahead to the upcoming year. Because it's an exciting one.

No longer a student

My official college career ended in December 2020, and just like post-high-school, big changes lie ahead. I'll be in a new city, meet new friends, and shift my day-to-day schedule. I'm generally a plan-ahead type of gal, but I thoroughly enjoy transition periods. Everything happens faster: learning, maturing, and zipping between ups-and-downs. There's so much potential on the horizon, and I'm looking forward to a little more change than the last year presented.

But pretending to be a student for now

For the immediate future, I'll be back in DC continuing to live the student life. I'll be focusing on 1) exploring the city before I leave and 2) career development. The latter involves taking 3 marketing classes (from Reforge, CXL, and PMA) to build up-to-date marketing skills, reaching out to more alums and professionals, and creating online content.

The logic

I formed the quasi-semester plan when thinking about the most valuable portions of my college experience: learning how to self-advocate, discovering professional development, networking, discussing ideas with professors, structuring my own time, chatting with peers, and leaving campus to do my own thing. None of those require being enrolled in university-affiliated classes (except maybe for professor office hours). I love learning, but to me, it's not synonymous with college classes.

I'm by no means diminishing great professors I've had or anyone who enjoys pure academics. But this last semester, my classes started to feel repetitive. Some of them even presented the same case studies I wrote up for previous courses. So I want to try a different learning method by bringing forward all the "side" learning I was squeezing in around homework and classes.

I also want to practice structuring my own time when I have 0 anchor points (class blocks/due dates), which I'm not as comfortable doing yet (the medium-structure zone does it for me). So the decision to graduate early and piece together my own semester made sense for my learning style and goals.

Looking back: a lot of gratitude

A big thank you to all the highlights of my 3.5 years at Georgetown and 2.5 at the Mcdonough School of Business (MSB):

  • The MSB tech center. Helping with my technology challenges since day 1 post-transfer.

  • Professors who care. To the 9 gems who embodied what a distinguished, stellar professor truly means: you made a world of difference in my academic experience.

  • MSB Career Treks and Friday in the Fields. Where my professional development/curiosity started.

  • Retail & Luxury Association (GRLA), Lecture Fund, and Marketing Association (GMA) speaker events.Story-based learning = the best learning.

  • Georgetown Entrepreneurship as a whole. Small but mighty.

  • The Georgetown neighborhood. My walks would not have been the same without the parks and views.

  • UNXD 190. The professional development 0-credit course that forced me to create a LinkedIn profile sophomore year.

  • GMA. For giving marketing a space on campus and in the MSB.

  • MSB bagels with the deans. Free bagels every Thursday. No further explanation needed.

  • Research librarians. Held my hand through long research papers without judgment.

  • MSB's peer tutoring program. Bless my finance tutor.

  • Red House dinner series with professors. Serving the free food and deep discussion I love.

Cheers to 2021, filled with upcoming firsts and lasts. Here we come.

P.S. :)

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