• Sofia Sulikowski

My Personal Mood Board

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

A visual complement to my longwinded "about" paragraph.

The images first, then the explanation:

The story

This project was originally inspired by Adidas' "creator" prompt for their internship application: using your medium of choice, depict how you are a creator. I loved the opportunity to develop a personal, creative output I got to keep past application season and later tweak to encompass a broader scope.

In this revised version, I tried to capture more than just my passion for fitness and creation. Though both important parts of my life, they exist alongside communication, mindfulness, meditation, positivity, dogs, having fun, planning, pivoting, goal-setting, baking, daily journaling, a selective (almost monochromatic) color scheme, and lots of warm layers to keep my perpetually-cold self warm.

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