• Sofia Sulikowski

Just a List of Things I'm Grateful For

Recently, I've focused (in writing and thought) on what I've lost. This Thanksgiving was a reminder of how lucky I am. Thanks to this year's unique circumstances, I'm grateful for:

  • Sibling bonding

  • Boston walks

  • Toast TakeOut

  • My family's health

  • My dog's recovery

  • The opportunity to learn and work from home

  • Semi-reliable wifi

  • New music + Spotify

  • The gym (and previously, free YouTube workouts)

  • Caring professors

  • Seasonal changes (and their corresponding foods)

  • Standing desks

  • The occasional passerby who returns my wave and eye squint smile

  • Snapchat's "memories" feature

  • Nature documentaries

  • In-person nature

  • Supportive friends

  • Windows

  • My cooking skillz

  • Disney movies

  • LinkedIn

  • Recent professional opportunities

  • Interesting marketing classes

  • Sleep Cycle's sleep aids

  • Outdoor markets

  • Transparent content creators

  • Audiobooks

  • Homemade tea lattes

  • Spontaneous outings

  • Laughter

Looking back, the challenges of 2020 blend into one continuous stretch. But the elements from my gratitude list break through the time warp and will be remembered in my daily journal and thoughts once I'm old enough to toss out a "back in my day..."

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. :)

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