May 2019 - Jan 2020


Digital Marketing Internship-turned-project at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)



What started as an SEO + web content writing internship turned into a start-to-finish project driving all digital marketing aspects of the Food Allergy Buddies Program (FAB). FAB, planned by the pediatric food allergy center, brings together children with food allergies in Boston for in-person and online events. Part mentorship program and part community-building initiative, it involved building a curriculum, planning events, working with a parent + doctor committee, and establishing an active social media presence. I started working with the team in July and contributed to the program’s development until its launch in January 2020. 

FAB image.jpg

Impact and the Nitty Gritty


Found content ideas, increased page rankings

-  Used Moz to find long-tail keywords for MGH’s pediatric division based on search intention and competitor traffic

-  Optimized the Food Allergy Buddies page. As a result, it achieved first place ranking on Google search results and 3x MGH’s average monthly traffic for pediatric food allergy pages 

Web Content Writing

Wrote new content, optimized and simplified

-  Created informative web pages using keyword research results; added 9 drafts to the clinical conditions library

-  Translated complex medical research into easily understood language for those with a low medical literacy level


Social Media

Built a lasting community

-  Food Allergy Buddies Facebook page (public)

-  Leveraged platform to raise program awareness and generate enrollment leads; collected enough sign-ups (120% of goal in the first week, 180% to date) to merit official program funding 

-  Food Allergy Buddies Facebook group (private)

-  Set up community guidelines and a succession plan to keep the group safe and active. To this day, there is at least one post a week and ongoing community support


What I Learned

Client-side marketing is awesome

I loved spending months developing in-depth, related projects for one company.


Healthcare bureaucracy is no joke

The original scope of my internship was just SEO-backed web content writing for new optimized clinical condition pages. Because there were so many checkpoints that each took weeks, only my first two out of nine got published…


Bureaucracy is an opportunity to do more

While I waited for webpage approvals, I helped the pediatric food allergy department with planning and implementing their Food Allergy Buddies Program. 


Succession takes planning and time

Whenever FAB had occasional checkpoints as well, I worked on a detailed plan of succession (role descriptions + assignments and a two-month content plan) to ensure the community and initiatives I created didn’t dissolve once I left. Although my internship ended in August, I continued to receive questions from my team. I ended up contributing until the program’s launch in January 2020, transferring responsibilities gradually for a seamless and lasting handover.