Bluestone Lane

Jan - May 2020

Recap of my team's project as Bluestone Lane's account manager at the Georgetown Marketing Agency

Bluestone Lane Project

What I Did

The account manager is a dynamic role that depends on the project and client needs. The main responsibilities are to tie all internal team functions together and communicate with the client's management team. That means lots of emails, meetings and check-ins... which I absolutely love. The unexpected virtual shift offered a major learning opportunity for adjusting my team leadership skills. My team members ended up across different countries, timezones, and preferred communication channels. However, the fundamentals remained the same: be a resource for both parties, provide regular updates, and ensure all project efforts stay in line with our goals.  

What I Learned

Achieve individual goals to elevate the team goal

On the first day, I asked what each of my team members' goals were for the project. I used their responses to tailor deliverables and resources (training sessions, online learning materials, etc). My proudest moment was not presenting our final proposal, but rather when all of my 6 team members could easily point to their new skills as a result of factoring their goals into the project process. 


Prepare and then prepare some more 

Leading a great meeting requires preparation. I noticed my most efficient and well-presented team meetings were those that I prepared (and reviewed) a structure for in advance. 


Feel for the flow

Having a structure doesn’t mean I was the only one talking. Filling in the outline were the comments and opinions of my teammates, but it was my call when to linger with follow up questions and when to move on. With each meeting, I learned to improve efficiency without losing value from the discussion. 


Accountability is key

I ended each meeting with deliverable assignments for creatives and strategists. As I listed the next steps, I asked my team members to volunteer for portions each person would like to take ownership of. At the end of the semester, my team mentioned this was one of my systems they appreciated most for accountability, an even workload, and better time management.