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Hi there! I'm a recent grad from Georgetown University with a BS in business administration focused on marketing and management. My Boston soul thrives in creative intellectual environments...mostly coffee shops. 


I'm slightly obsessed with side projects and documenting personal growth, and that's how this website was born. As I take my first steps into the professional world, I hope to offer insight into who I am and how I add value to my environment (and maybe entertain along the way).


With studies in marketing and management, I'm passionate about creativity and communication. I’m all about defining core values and sticking to them, and my professional values can be summed up as:

  1. Plan but stay flexible. Organization and adaptability are a powerful combination

  2. Learn more. Everything is a learning opportunity

  3. Be intentional. Time is the most limited resource. Use it wisely


I take pride in my adaptability and thrive on learning quickly. I enjoy working collaboratively, as it allows me to learn from others, adapt to different communication styles, and receive frequent feedback.

From healthcare SEO and social media marketing to agency public relations and blogging, I’ve developed an understanding of the broad field of marketing with my varied experience. Next, I'm looking forward to further exploring the field with marketing in tech and product marketing. 


When I’m not tweaking my website or working on my side projects, I enjoy teaching a weightlifting class at my university’s gym and going on dog-watching walks.

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